Download 2016 Tax-Mate 1099 Installer

download button for Tax-Mate 1099 for WindowsWindows Installer for Tax-Mate 1099


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  • Current Version: Tax-Mate 1099 version 16.1.4 for tax year 2016
  • System Requirement
  • Requirements for Windows: XP or better, including Windows 10.
  • Requirements for Mac: OSX 10.5 or better, including Yosemite.
  • Older Win (98 / ME / NT / 2000) or Mac (10.5.7) systems, please contact us directly for alternate installer availability.

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Need last years software?

Even thought Tax-Mate allows you print the current years 1099 and W2 forms, plus the prior two years of forms, you still may need last year installer. Use the following links to access the 2015 Tax-Mate Installer for Windows, or Mac.

Tax-Mate 1099 and W2 demo and update banner

Running the Demo Version

You may use the "Demo Version" of Tax-Mate 1099 as long as you like. We want you to explore all of its functionality, enter real data as this data will still be there after registering the software. Be sure to print the forms to your printer, make sure it will work for you.

Once you have decided that Tax-Mate is the right software for your 1099 and W2 needs, you will need to purchase a registration number from this web site to remove the "Demo" watermark.

How to register Tax-Mate 1099 so you can begin filing right now

To remove this watermark so you can print your 1099 or W2 forms, or file with the IRS and SSA. You will need to purchase a registration key from this web site, or call 888.746.0440 during regular business hours.

Immediately after purchasing Tax-Mate, you will be given a registration number to use. This process is automatic, so even if you are purchasing in the middle of the night, you will given a registration number to use.

To activate the full version of Tax-Mate 1099, paste the registration number into the registration box when you launch Tax-Mate as a demo, or click the Register link found under the Help menu if the program is already running.


How to install Tax-Mate 1099


1. Download the installer.

2. If you use a standard browser, your file will be saved to the Downloads folder on your main hard drive, find this folder, then double-click the Tax-Mate Installer icon and click Run. Or allow the your browser to run file after download.

3. Follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard.

4. Once installed, the default path for the application will be on your C drive, in a folder called Tax-Mate 1099


1. Download the installer.

2. If you use Safari, your file will be saved to the Download folder. Open the Download folder and open the Tax-Mate installer icon, follow the instructions to install.

3. Once installed, the application will be in your Applications folder, under the Tax-Mate 1099 folder. 

4. Double-click the Tax-Mate 2016 icon to launch the software. 

How to update Tax-Mate 1099

Updates are easy with Tax-Mate, just download the latest installer and re-installer. After installing, the new program will import your old data and re-register the program.

What about next year

No problem, as a returning Tax-Mate client your will receive an email with a discount code to upgrade your software. After purchasing and installer the new software, you will have the options to "Roll" your prior years data into the new program, saving your time and money when doing your forms.

Have Questions?: Call toll free at 855-376-1099 or email us at