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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning on changing the software to conform to the new SEC Brochure format? Yes, the application that supports the brochure style form is now posted and ready for purchase.

Once I order, how long does it take to get my registration number? You receive your registration number immediately after we approve your credit card.

Can more than one person use File-Mate ADV? Yes, you can install File-Mate on a network server or on a shared folder on a local machine.

Where does File-Mate ADV store my data? The default location is C:\File-Mate\<Tax Year>.

Can I back up my data? Yes! File-Mate has both backup and restore functions, which you can access from the startup page. The backup tool copies your database to the Backup folder. The Recover button overwrites existing data with your backup data.

I'm getting an error when open the application "This action cannot be perform..." What should I do?
This error is usually caused by a conflict with the User Account Control on Window Vista and Windows 7. see PDF file for ways to solve the problem. (View PDF instructions)

How do I move the program from an old pc to a new one?
Simply move the folder contents from the old to the new. or use your original installer (same version as the current application) to install a copy of the program on the new pc. Then move your data file(s) (all the ".adv" files) to the new pc, and overlay the existing blank data file that was just installed with your old data file. (View PDF instructions)

Tech Support

How do I get Tech Support? We are a small company with limited resources, and we don't necessarily have some manning the tech support line every hour of the day.

Emailing your questions to is your best bet for getting any answer.

If you prefer to call we do our best to answer the phone (855-376-1099) during business hours, and especially try to have someone answer during designated tech support hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday - 8:30am-11am

Monday and Thursday - 12:30pm-3pm

If we don't answer the phone it may mean we are on the line with another customer, please leave a detailed message and we'll call you back. If you are calling during non-business hours, holidays, weekend, etc., please feel free to leave a voice message, we try to answer all calls with 24 hours.

What are your business hours?
We are open 9-4:30 M-F, and observe most traditional US holidays. Since we are in Arizona, we are in Mountain Standard Time for the winter months, ie Day Light Saving time, and Pacific Standard Time for most of the summer months.

My registration number has an expiration date?
Yes, you are buy the right to use the software for one filing season, the filing season is basically the calendar year, however the upcoming years version will be available on Oct 1st. This purchase covers the use of the software, plus unlimited tech support and free PDF creation if you need it.

How does the remote support work?
We have the ability to log onto your computer (with your permissions, of course) and show you how the program works. We use a program called Team Viewer that be downloaded here: (Win,Mac).

Have Questions?: Call toll free at 855-465-1000 or email us at