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Supports the New SEC Brochure style format.

File-Mate ADV comes in two options: Windows or Macintosh.

For those who want to streamline the production of the new ADV form. Print Part 2A, Material Changes, Part 2B supplements to plain paper. Works with third party PDF software to product IARD compatible PDF's.
For the Mac based business, same software as the Windows version. Plus has the ability to work with the Mac's built in PDF software.

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New Version: File-Mate ADV is now sold as an annual or 365 day software purchase. The price includes the software and support for the entire year. This is similar to Office 365 and many other products on the market. The good new is the price has dropped by $200, and as a returning customer, you'll get an even better deal on next years renewal.

Multiple Documents From One Source: ADV-Mate gives you the ability to output a new client document or an existing client document with changes.

Text Formatting: Built in fonts, formatting, text color and spell check feature ensures a professional looking product.

Unlimited Entries: Add as many companies, advisers and versions as you need.

Auto Formatting: File-Mate ADV handles the heavy lifting when it comes to formatting your document, leaving you free to concentrate on content.

Material Changes: Enter changes into the system and File-Mate ADV automatically adds the changes to your document when printed.

Mac and PC versions available. File-Mate ADV is the only SEC filing utility available for the Mac OSX platform.

Free tech support: We’re committed to providing the best customer service in the business. That’s why we offer both e-mail and phone support for current File-Mate ADV users.

PDF Compatible: Create PDF documents for upload to IARD web site with your PDF software.

Have Questions?: Call toll free at 855-465-1000 or email us at