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Health Insurance Claim forms and envelopes

Preprinted HCFA / CMS 1500 Forms & Envelopes

HCFA / CMS 1500 Red Forms

These forms are used to submit health insurance claims to Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, or processing clearinghouses. Printed in red ink on special bond paper, these forms comply with government regulations and specifications.

All forms are the new the (02/12) version.


HCFA / CMS 1500 envelopes (Small)

This #10, single, right-window envelope has a security screen and holds up to twelve claims.

HCFA / CMS 1500 envelopes (Large)

This 9 1/2 x 12 1/2, single, right-window envelope holds up to 50 unfolded claims and is labeled “First Class Mail, Health Insurance Claim Forms, and Please Do Not Bend” for easy identification. Use this envelope with CMS 1500 forms that have no bar code.

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