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File-Mate 1500 medical software comes in three Annual Plan options: Single, Group and Office. Choose the features and price point that best fits your needs.

A budget friendly way to purchase File-Mate 1500 at a reduced price. Same features as the other versions, but with single license it's just right for the small office, or sole proprietor. More Info
For those office that want to share the task of entering claims, or there are moe then one persons that have a need to use the software, here is group plan that fits. Our Group plan give you up to 3 license to use within your office, or share with your external claims person.
This is a single office license that allows you to install File-Mate 1500 on up to 10 different work stations. This is a great option for those office that want to have File-Mate on multiple machines so the forms can be entered by the technicians as the work is being done.

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1500 software overview and features

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Great File-Mate 1500 Medical Claim Form Softwarer Features

Version 7: Updated and refreshed for Windows 10 and latest Mac OS. All with the goal to making your form entry easier. This new version supports all the components of the new 02/12 form and ICD 10.

Three Annual Purchase Options: Choose the ability purchase a single license, a 3-pack, or enought for the whole office. These are stand alone application licenses and do not share data between applicaitons.

Multiple Form Pages: Now you can enter more then 6 procedures on a single form, the program will automatically print a second or third page if needed.

Patient and Insured Find: Updated find feature allows multiple search criteria.

Other Great Features:

Ease of use: File-Mate 1500’s intuitive, user-friendly interface lets you get started with a minimal learning curve. It breaks the HCFA / CMS 1500 form into logical sections and guides you through each screen, making it easy to complete medical claim form and get paid faster.

Plain Paper printing: Use your laser and ink jet printer with either plain paper or preprinted HCFA / CMS 1500 forms. Prints "Red" forms with color print.

File-Mate 1500 software screenshot

Clearing House Enabled: Use either version to produce Print Image files to quickly send medical reimbursement information to most online Clearing Houses.

Data Entry Tools: Create your own library of CPT / HCPCS and ICD-9 codes for quick data entry.

Automatic invoicing: Print Invoices directly from within File-Mate, or Export XLS data to use with Quick Books.

Data Management Tools: Keep all your forms in one place. Use File-Mate’s summary screen to sort forms and find what you need quickly.

Tracking Tools: File-Mate’s self-saving database tracks all your HCFA / CMS 1500 forms in one place. Never miss a payment again.

Index Fill-in: File-Mate 1500 software automatically populates fields with data such as Name, Address and birth date with its Index feature.

Free Tech Support: We’re committed to providing the best customer service in the business. That’s why we offer both e-mail and free phone support for File-Mate 1500.